Gibson 335 Style Electric Semi Hollow Body Guitar

Excellent Condition

Gibson 335 Style Electric Semi Hollow Body Guitar
Guitar is Cherry Red
Oscar Schmidt  Gibson 335 Style Guitar  100% Original Excellent Condition

These are getting hard to find.

From Amazon:      10 of 10 people found the following review helpful: 
One Great Guitar, October 20, 2004 
By  Marc Marcuzzi (Budd Lake, NJ USA) 
"Over the years I've owned several guitars and I have to say that this one is one of the best. The finish is a beautiful deep transparent red that brings out the grain underneath. After changing the strings to a gauge that I'm comfortable with it plays like a dream. The tones of the "Delta King" range from a country twang to rich and bluesy. All and all I have to say that the purchase of this guitar was one of best deals ever."    more reviews are found below

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Oscar Schmidt OE-30 Delta King

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Features  8.5 (89 responses) 
Sound  8.9 (88 responses) 
Action, Fit, & Finish  8.2 (85 responses) 
Reliability/Durability  8.4 (79 responses) 
Customer Support  8.4 (27 responses) 
Overall Rating  9.0 (87 responses) 
The Oscar Schmidt Delta King OE30 is a Gibson 335 style Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar.

It has a maple body and bolt-on mahogany neck combined with Grover tuners and Washburn 400 Series pickups.   The Oscar Schmidt OE30 a sweet electric guitar equally adept at jazz, blues, rock, or country!  Oscar Schmidt OE30 Semi-Hollow Electric Guitar Features:

  • Semi-hollow maple body
  • Mahogany neck
  • Grover tuners
  • Full, rich sound
  • Fantasic reviews from Harmony Central  (found below)
Color:  Cherry Red
Body: Double Cutaway 335 Style
Tuners: Grovers
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Frets: 21 medium 
Pickups: 2  Washburn Humbuckers, Neck 421, Bridge 423
Bridge: Tune A Matic style with Stop Tail 
Controls: 3 way switch,  2 Volume, 2 Tone 
Scale Length: Approx 24 3/4" 
Width At Neck: Approx 1 5/8" 
Serial Number: S104070021

From Harmony Central:  "Overall Rating: 10   Playing for 20 years, have G&L and Gibson and Fender, etc. The OE-30 is nonetheless my go-to guitar since I bought it a year ago. The neck is really sweet, the frets are just right, and it feels good... Everyone who plays this guitar loves it and marvels at the price. A guy asked to buy it off me for the price I paid+. Someone even said it is a "work of art" but they were pretty high at the time. In short these are like the Dearmond guitars from a few years ago--decent quality ar a great price. "

From Amazon: "15 of 15 people found the following review helpful: 
5.0 out of 5 stars Washburn's Little Brother Deserving Of Name & Reputation, March 29, 2005 
By  T. T. Herzeg "T.T.M.H." 

I am by no means an expert guitar player. I used to play when I was younger and just recently decided to start playing again. I love Country Music, some Jazz, some Blues and some Rock. More Country Music than any of the others. 

I previously purchased an Oscar Schmidt Blue Burst for myself and was so impressed I decided to buy a Tobacco Sunburst. When I received the Tobacco Sunburst, I noticed it was one made in Indonesia

I looked it over and it looked and felt like a real quality guitar. In some ways, it felt better than the O.S. I have that is made in China.  After tuning it, I played a few chords with an amplifier and a few chords without. The sound it produced was REMARKABLE!!! This is NOT a cheap guitar! With or without an amplifier, this guitar has a sound that can give the best Gibson, Epiphone or Gretsch REAL competition!!! 

The OE30 has two Washburn Series 400 Pickups that can produce a warm deep mellow sound or a sharp rock growl. The body is made of maple with a flawless finish. The neck is mahogany and has a good feel. The Grover Tuners are quality and have a good positive feel when tuning. The Tobacco Sunburst came with different strings than my Blue Burst. The strings are thicker and more like the strings on an acoustic. Playing it takes a tad more pressure, but the sound they produce is beyond belief! 

For the price, you get an awesome guitar that rivals the more expensive semi-hollows. Don't let the fact it's made in Indonesia dissuade you from purchasing one. I will admit, there are flaws, but you have to look really, REALLY close to find any. This is a quality guitar that if properly cared for, could last a lifetime and will. 

If you want a semi-hollow guitar, consider the OE30. You will not be sorry. You will receive a quality guitar...  and save money as well." 

From Harmony Central: "Overall Rating : 10   I've been playing for about 18 years (rock, hard rock, heavy metal, blues, jazz, classical guitar, and a little flamenco). Meet the family: 2005 '57 reissue Gibson Goldtop Les Paul, Yamaha C-40 classical, First Act ME402 LP copy (yes, and of the rack it's still a good one), New York Pro Strat copy (made by Samick), New York Pro P-Bass copy, Ibanez acoustic (Jam Pack...a gift), and now this OE30.  I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this guitar! The value is fantastic (you get a lot more quality than you would EVER expect...)" 

From Harmony Central: "Overall Rating : I have been playing for over forty years. I own a couple of acoustics, a vintage Japanese made Conn Dreadnought and Martin/Sigma TB-1-B acoustic electric. My last rocker was a Gibson 335 that I owned over 30 years ago. The handling and feel of the OS compare well with my fond memories of my long lost 335. The sound is not as rich but I am also not playing it through a vintage Gibson tube amp and the OS is not a handmade instrument. Where the Gibson was a Cadillac, the Oscar Schmidt is a Pontiac or maybe even a Buick. It is a solid instrument with some quirks, such as non linear electronics, but no truly bad qualities. It is a better guitar than I am a player these days and a wonderful value for the money." 

From Amazon: "10 of 10 people found the following review helpful: 
 Incredible value..., November 13, 2004 
By  Your Pet Poodle (Twin Cities, MN) - See all my reviews 

I'm a Fender/single coils guy and wanted a creamy 335 sound to round out my arsenal. Does the Delta King nick it? Probably not, but what it DOES do, it does remarkably well. I LOVE the sound (and variety of sounds) that this instrument produces.  On neck postion with the tone wide open, it is wonderfully jazzy and warm. It is vastly superior to my Epi Zephyr Regent (I'll probably sell that, now that I've found what I was looking for). Chords and lines ARE creamy, although perhaps lacking the defintion and 'sing' of a 335... $2200.00 might buy that Gibson 'intangible', but I don't have that kind of scratch. Middle postion is suitably jangly for pop and rock, and great for funky 9th chords. Bridge position is chunky and pleasantly brittle. Very good for funky ol' blues solos where infinite sustain isn't a vital part of the equation. The OE-30 is a wonderful change for me. I haven't enjoyed noodling so much in a long time. This is, arguably, the best guitar bargain ever. " 

Oscar Schmidt OE 30 - Delta King
Excellent Condition

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